Cleansing Pasta Moist Type 130G

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Gently cleanses, leaving the face moist and hydrated. fights acne and Dry skin. For soft, smooth skin: Active sulfur ingredients soften keratin and eliminate dead cells for skin as beautiful and evenly textured as if you just stepped out of a natural hot spring. Leaves skin moist and hydrated: Contains olive oil and coconut oil to lock in moisture and leave skin soft, never tight. Medicated to fight acne and dryness: Active sulfur, licorice extract, and pionin ingredients help prevent acne, dryness, and other skin problems. Use on the body for an added touch of luxury: Apply with a sponge to whip up a lather that can be used to wash the body, for beautiful skin all over. Easy-to-use tube immediately delivers the power of sulfur everywhere! How to Use: Take an appropriate amount (about 1 cm) to the palm of your hand, wash well like whipped with water or lukewarm water, then massage it, then rinse thoroughly. Pack Size - 130g

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