Face Pore Washing Soap Black Paint Natural Herbal 120G

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Renewal of vegetable oil became fully organic. Black paint will melt like trolley as if raw chocolate just like drinking in hot water. This is the secret of Pore Washing Soap Black Paint. If you apply as it is to your face, the oil will quickly become familiar with sebum and makeup fat and oil and make the dirt come up quickly. Additionally, the beauty ingredients contained in the oil moisturize the skin moist. Makeup removal can also be done at the same time with a single washing face, soap that can also aroma treat. By washing away waste products and horn plugs from the pores, we will arrange the texture and guide it to the skin with transparent feeling. 23 kinds All plant certified organic vegetable oil. 23 kinds of plant It is soap made by the cold process manufacturing method so that the ingredients contained in the pile are not broken at high temperature. As well as cleaning ingredients of the skin, tightening of the skin, gloss, texture, and moisturizing ingredients are also compounded with organic certified ingredients. How to use: Wet with hot water (roughly soaking in 40 C hot water for about 40 seconds). Apply soap so that it packs directly from the top of the makeup. Light massage to spread the soap. Try to enter the eyes, eye makeup carefully. After massaging for about 3:20 seconds, rinse hard with eyes closed. Rinse with hot water. No need for cleansing. Plant petroleum and beauty ingredients prepare your skin texture and clean it up cleanly.

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