Aroma Esthetic Scalp Cleansing Refine Citrus Fresh 150Ml

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New ingredients of plant ingredients to increase detergency. It precludes the dirt of the pores and suppresses lipid peroxide. Deep cleansing for the scalp mixed with organic plant ingredients and herbal extracts. Shampoo alone cannot be dropped, clean the dirt and sebum stuffed in the pores cleanly, clean up a healthy scalp. It is also recommended for people who are concerned about itching and itching. How to use: Attach the tip of the nozzle directly to the dry scalp and let the gel blend. Then massage for 2 to 3 minutes to wash off the scalp with a finger palm or scalp brush and rinse off. After rinsing, shampoo as usual. It is approximate to use once a week. Apply gel to zigzag in parallel with hairline line. Let it be applied to the entire scalp. Using a finger palate or scalp brush, head to the top of the head, let the gel gently stick to it zigzag. Let's be aware of lifting up. Finally, cleansing intensely the T zone with a lot of sebum secretion. It is a point that heads to the top of the head and moves in small increments along the T zone.

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