Clear Turn Princess Veil Mask 8 Pcs 4 Types

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Aging Care Recommended for those who want plenty of moisture care with an all-in-one mask. Improved moisturizing effect. Including luxurious ingredients specially formulated for different skin troubles. Give your everyday mask time a little luxury. Very pure and soft sheet with three-layer construction. Shape developed through detailed research on the sizes of Japanese women's faces. vitamin oil & Beautiful skin oil added. Morning Skincare It is all-in-mask, it achieves high skin care effect with one piece. The skin of the waking-up is also neat. I'd like to care for myself in the morning. Morning one minute mask care, one piece completed morning skincare. Eye to be concerned. The cover ratio of the mouth is up, and it fits comfortably to wrap around. Refreshing scent of fresh fruit. Pure White Skin care completed with 1. A lot of moisture, skin which becomes parenthure of pores is also pulled up. Moisturizing moisture, on the skin with impressive transparency. Rich Moist Dense oil-in serum will slowly permeate skin that is worried about changes due to age. Moisturize from the back with daily mask care. How to use: Use on skin after cleansing. Take out the mask and apply on skin for 10 minutes. After using the mask, follow up with skincare routine.

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