Goldays Gold Leaf Gel Splash 100Ml

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Makanai Cosmetics New Skin care Line - GOLDAYS. Gold is not only for decorations, but it works on your skin. World's first anti-aging lotion with using Gold Leaf and its beauty components. It is the first in the world to verify the effect of gold leaf, and Makanai Cosmetics produced a gold leaf-based skin care items GOLDAYS that demonstrated skin cell activation effect (proliferative action of fibroblasts*) by gold foil. Only natural ingredients are used for this gold-leaf skin care series. Features of Gold Leaf Gel Splash. Fine grain gold leaf and beauty ingredients are delivered deeply into your skin (stratum corneum) at high speed. Gel, which was gelated by 100 % natural gelling agent, is in the bottle, and once pushing the pump, gel instantly becomes mist by a special technology of pump. Fine particled gold leaf and beauty ingredients quickly penetrate, and activates your skin by giving elasticity. Gold Leaf is finished up to the Nano-level penetrates deep into your skin quickly. What is fibroblasts? This is a cell that creates ingredients which increases hyaluronic acid that retains moisture on the skin, collagen to keep the skin tight, and elastin to keep skin elasticity. By using gold leaf on your skin, fibroblasts has been demonstrated to increase by 137 %. GOLDAYS are skin care series which are effective for loosing firmness, and creases by aging.

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