Kate 3D Eyebrow Color 4 Types

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A long-lasting eyebrow mascara with high coloration that provides natural color and creates beautifully-sculpted, fluffy eyebrows. Contains a waxing ingredient (beeswax) to comb hairs into place and keep them in a good shape. Resistant to sebum, sweat and rubbing, and yet easy to remove with warm water. A compact brush that is perfect for small-area application, preventing the mascara from smudging onto the skin while achieving an even finish. How to use: Lightly squeeze the tip of the brush and immerse the whole brush beforehand. Gently comb brow hairs from root to tip. When using this product in combination with an eyebrow pencil/powder, use it after the pencil/powder. When removing this product, wash the eyebrows in warm water at around 40 C and rinse off. If it is difficult to remove it, use a makeup remover. Pack Size - 6.3g

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