Quick Film Smoother 25G

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'Representative wrinkle of age sign. A wish that many women are cutting. It was DHC Quick Film Smoother that was developed to respond to such thought. Quick Smoother which instantly forms a physical film, Slow Smoother which slowly works deeply, and skin-care ingredients which leads the skin of the age to the firm skin. By using it at the end of the skin care, while giving the feeling of pinning with the film formed on the skin, it moisturizes and plumps the part you care about. In addition, since it is gel in oil structure that wraps gel as a film with oil film, there is no worry about crispness due to excessive drying, which is often found in film type essence. It is also recommended for those who want to manage their age signs that have been engraved, as well as those who started to care about small wrinkles and crispy jiwa. It can be used for intensive care at bedtime as well as for morning makeup so it is OK just to add it at the end of usual skincare. No fragrance, coloring, paraben free, natural ingredients combination. How to use: Use it at the end of skin care. Take an appropriate amount at your fingertips, dilute to the part you care about. If you spin it with your fingers it will be lightly stretched to draw a circle, and drying as it is for 1 to 2 minutes is effective. Be careful not to scrub strongly or massage too long. You can use it as a makeup base before makeup, as a thick pack during bedtime. When using as makeup base, make after the gel is completely dry. Also, be careful not to put too much force or scrape too much.

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