Plant-Born Orange Natural Scalp Essence 180Ml

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100 % Medicated hair growth beauty essence for women blended with 100 % plant-borne active ingredient carrot extract, assemble extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (derived from licorice). Sensation of refreshing feeling is good feeling. Freshness lasts and stickiness is refreshing as well. Fresh moisture spreads throughout and softens firmly the hardened background. Adopt straight nozzle that reaches directly to the background. Non pigment, nonfragrance, nonparaben, mineral oil. Effects: Hair restoration, scalp hair, itching, sore-prolapse prevention, hair growth promotion, hair growth promotion, dandruff, nourishment, post-partum and post-partum brush. How to use: Remove the cap of the bottle, attach the included nozzle cap and tighten it securely. Twist the tip of the nozzle and open the cap. Attach essence liquid directly to the skin as if to attach a line. Gently place your fingers on the ground and massage gently so that it penetrates to the center of the pores from the hairline to the center. Mimmerize the whole surface evenly as it rhythmically bounces with the finger's belly.

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