Eda Natura Pre Lotion 180Ml

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Peeling and Enzyme cleansing lotion are both effective items for removing dead skin. Old (dead) skin and corner plugs of skin are made of protein. Peeling supports skin turnover by melting dead skin or corner plug with acid. However, excessive peeling may remove skin and sebum more than necessary. Removing too much sebum makes the skin secretes a lot of new sebum to recover barrier function of the skin. On the other hand, Dnzymd Cleaning Lotion supports skin turnover by degrading extra dead skin and corner plug with proteolytic enzymes. Enzymes are generated from natural ingredients, and you can remove dirt safely and gently without irritating ingredients such as petroleum activators. How to use: Remove dead skin and corner plugs which never fall off with regular cleansing, by proteolytic enzyme Prevent rough skin Various ways to use the lotion You can use it as a wipe lotion in stead of a morning cleansing, as a makeup remover, and as a pre-lotion before applying skin lotion etc. Alcohol free, and 98 % of the lotion are made of natural derived ingrednents, and the lotion should be suitable for sensitive skin as well.

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